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Welcome to Adventis – Staffing and Recruitment Agency

Adventis is a premier search, assessment and staffing company that delivers the industry’s best recruitment solutions by thoroughly understanding our clients’ strengths, management style, organizational issues and business strategies. In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, we help companies find the best solutions for their most complex business issues – “people”. We understand that every company is unique, ever-changing and constantly evolving. Whether your needs are long-term or project-based, Adventis can help

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Avoid The High Cost of Bad Hires

Hire the right candidate today from Adventis Intelligent Staffing Solutions.

✔ Hire better and faster.
✔ Our Clients tell us that our Assessment system is more than 90% accurate

Developed by the industries top PHD’s and experts the assessments provide insight into the real attributes that matter- Things like cognitive ability, attitude, ambition and potential

The Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing process for Executive Management

When it comes to Employer staffing needs, Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency understands that every employer has their unique needs when trying to fill their job postings. Adventis offers tailored employment solutions for each Employer’s fulfillment needs. Our unique tailored employment solutions have been recognized by today’s top leading Global Employers when it comes to recruitment and job placements and job postings.

When hiring, Senior Leadership are in danger of neglecting the most critical factors in choosing the right executives. More specifically, those responsible haven’t been given the tools necessary to evaluate the cognitive abilities that allow a person to consistently reach the “correct” answer to fill their job posting.

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Why choose us?

Our Vision

Finding the best employees to bring onto your team as a Client is a challenge in today’s fast-paced corporate world. Fortunately, you have us at Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency to help you globally. With a Global presence, we specialize in recruiting and providing intelligent staffing solutions to assist our Clients to evaluate and assess the best candidates to fill your job postings.

Companies We've Helped

Some of the companies we've helped recruit excellent applicants over the years.