Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency has a master vendor program which is an exclusive brought to you be one of only a couple of master vendor programs in Canada. Paul Schell was tasked with overseeing and running the master vendor program for Ford of Canada and their ten plants. For almost 5 years, Paul was the Country Manager for MSX International who had the Master Vendor agreement with Ford, globally. Paul Schell facilitated signing agreements with 30 different staffing companies in Canada and overseeing all recruitment for all jobs at all the Ford plants. Paul also managed the Supply Chain, overseeing the payment of millions of dollars for Ford and MSX International. Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency is pleased to offer its services for companies looking to take advantage of having their recruitment and hiring managed by an experienced and competent company with a complete Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO) service or a customized program designed just for your company. Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency can flat line recruiting fees and bring a whole new level of excellence with their Adventis Profile Assessment or (APA) process which assesses all applicants for job specific and competency based attributes. Reports are available including a comparative report which is essentially a gap analysis on all Applicants and a summary report which identifies strengths and weakness of all short listed Applicants. This summary report is extremely valuable after the hire as well. Clients are able to use our reports as a road map in coaching and managing the new Employee. Also Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency provides time savings by only dealing with one invoice from all companies and it can be structured to be transparent. All payments can go to individual Contractors when they are involved, thus eliminating any over billing. Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency also has experience in policing the process to be fair and compliant to all rules and regulations of your company.


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