2. We assess the Candidates then identify a top list of who should go to the next level.

Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency looks for someone with a proven track record in that area. You are seeking a candidate who has already successfully demonstrated the skills necessary to achieve the results you are hiring him or her to achieve for your company so their resume, references all become part of the next stage. In an extensive telephone interview of approximately 112 questions, we review their resume with them and confirm and challenge them on various items in their resume. If their resume is not professional looking they lose points.

You always hire people based on their past performance and proven results, rather than your future hopes and ambitions or theirs. Now with the Adventis Profile Assessment report in hand where we can review the specifics of the gap analysis of the candidate and their resume, we can clearly see who has the right profile to move forward with. Many business owners make the mistake within the hiring process by hiring a completely inexperienced person for an important job. They hire based on what the person thinks that he or she can do in the future, rather than what he or she has already done in the past. Occasionally, this approach will be successful, but in most cases it will either fail or be a great disappointment. Hiring someone who has not been professionally assessed, not been pre-interviewed and who doesn’t have a professional resume is a waste of time, energy and money. Just the time it takes to go through all the resumes even if using a Boolean search takes hours/days/weeks and could cost you the best and brightest because of the time it takes to review all the applicant resumes. The top talent is not around for long and you need to have a professional company that can assess in real time like Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency can.

The rule is that you should never hire an inexperienced person for an important job. The old rule that the only real predictor of future performance is past performance is outdated and inaccurate.

Our strategic partner has developed world class proprietary software we use  and the assessment has been third party evaluated so we now can predict and guarantee performance. Throughout the assessment process and pre screening with a candidate, your most important concern is whether or not the candidate has successfully mastered the job that you are hiring him or her to do for you.

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