3. Our assessment report identifies the right profile to be successful in the job.

The third element to look for is personality. In studies of many thousands of job failures, it has been found that the cause of most of them was “wrong fit.” This means that the person does not have the correct personality to fit in with you and with the other people who work on your team. That is why we assess all applicants at the front end.

One of the basic rules of human nature is that people don’t change. Over time, they become even more of what they already are. They don’t change their basic personalities, temperaments, or work habits. You should never hire a person with a personality problem with the hope or fantasy that the person is going to change once he or she starts working in your company. It simply won’t happen.

We have worked with companies where someone was doing the job at say a 5 or 6 level but missed a lot of time off at work and were very stressed out. We assessed that person who happened to work in a purchasing account rep environment and found out that they were in fact under utilized. We found out after they finished our Assessment that they actually scored an 8.5 as a Purchasing Manager. So after discussion with the Director of the department, they agreed to assist with some after hours training and would be assisting that person to transition to a Manager of the department. It turned out the actual Manager of Purchasing was looking to retire in the next 6-12 months.

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