4. We have all Applicants do a 10-12 minute questionnaire for a specific job.

Our strategic partner has developed world class proprietary software we we use exclusively so now that we can identify a person who has scored well, we provide you with the insight into their potential to be successful with your team and then confirm with an interview to review their resume.

You can ensure a high level of fit with a new hire by having the person meet with other people before you make a final decision. Job candidates will always be at their very best when they are talking with the boss for the first time. But when they talk with potential co-workers at their level, they usually “let it all hang out.” Their true personalities emerge. They reveal themselves more openly to people who might be their co-workers in the future. However, having the report, you already know that they are being genuine and what their strengths and weaknesses are, plus you have the confidence of our 1 year replacement guarantee or money back on all retained searches.

A recent survey on linkedin polled over 4,000 companies Globally about what the 2 biggest concerns are for hiring in 2016. First, the Quality of the hire at the front end of the process. How would you know? And second, being able to hire faster. When looking for new people, you must find someone who is result oriented, with a proven skill set, and a personality that will work well with your current staff. Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency helps you take the guess work out!

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