For Reductions in Work Force (RIF)

Sometimes an organization is faced with the unpleasant but necessary task of a Reduction In Force (RIF). One approach commonly taken is for a targeted population within the organization to be identified and for employees within that targeted audience to engage in a competition for their own job. It is often political, inaccurate and just not right.

Managers and HR are rarely able to respond quickly in a way that is valid, reliable, legally defensible or cost effective and as result it is not uncommon for the organization to incur compounded exposure, risk, liability and financial loss as a result. Adventis uses an assessment our strategic partner has developed which is a world class proprietary software we we use exclusively.

is Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency’s answer to providing Managers and HR with timely and cost-effective decision support for RIF, with business continuity as the focus.

Within 15 minutes of engagement with Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency, HR can quickly and easily start assessing employees against an optimized job competency profile, specific to the employee’s current job; the system will then automatically rank order all employees in that job from high to low; HR and Managers now have a scientific decision support mechanism. Adventis uses an assessment that accurately measures an employee’s capacity to perform a specific behaviour in a given role/job, on a consistent, day-to-day basis; allowing your organization to have an element of reliable predictability regarding individual and workforce performance in the context of business continuity. Employees scoring at the upper end of the continuum are quickly identified as employees to retain while those scoring at the lower end become RIF candidates.

In the unpleasant times of RIF, your organization will be under siege; Tweeted, Facebooked, blogged and under continuous fire. Why not mitigate bad press and media, the potential for individual and group wrongful dismissal litigation and proactively disarm that social media windstorm by leading with the assessment Adventis uses and communicate how it will be used in advance to assist employees? Some HR professionals have estimated the assessment has mitigated litigation costs for wrongful dismissal by up to 70%.

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