Outsourcing or Career Mapping

Contact Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency to find out more on career assessments, career mapping and for those employees being outplaced through a Reduction In Force (RIF).

Why outplace your top talent? That is just silly.  By using our strategic partner’s world class proprietary software we can help you focus on who should go and who should stay.  Want to try and do it on your own?  Contact us today to discuss running a pilot so we can show you written objective reports that are from the results of the online assessment taken. Let your own employees tell you in real time. Clients report the assessment is over 97% accurate.  The true cost of keeping bad employees is off the charts.  Some companies report it is costing $3,400 for each $10,000 worth of salary. For a $100,000 a year salary amounts to $34,000 a year. Get the facts today. Companies can  contact Paul at pauls@adventis.ca for Intelligent Staffing Solutions.

Profile Assessment

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