Supply Chain

Nuclear Engineering and Design covers a wide range of disciplines involved in the engineering, design, safety and construction of nuclear fission reactors. Adventis Nuclear specializes in search and selection of these engineering and design professionals.

Professionals skilled in fundamentals of Reactor Design including:

  • Thermal-Hydraulics and Core Physics
  • Safety Analysis, Risk Assessment (PSA)
  • Structural and Mechanical Engineering
  • Materials Science
  • Fuel Behavior and Design
  • Structural Plant Design
  • Engineering of Reactor Components
  • Experiments
  • Drafting

Professionals skilled in aspects beyond fundamentals of Reactor Design, including:

  • Accident Mitigation Measures
  • Reactor Control Systems
  • Licensing Issues
  • Safeguard Engineering
  • Economy of Plants
  • Reprocessing / Waste Disposal
  • Applications of Nuclear Energy
  • Maintenance
  • Decommissioning

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