Senior Business Development Manager

Jim Hoitenga’s personable approach in asking respectful but probing questions, combined with an analytical mind and attention to detail, enable him to understand clients’ needs and to recommend value-added solutions set him apart from many others. His low-key interpersonal communications style and relationship-building ability only partly mask his intense drive to help his clients to succeed. Jim is truly concerned with their welfare and brings a high level of integrity to every business engagement.

Mr. Hoitenga draws on experiences gained in being a professor emeritus of business, an entrepreneur, a consultant working with organizations ranging in size from under ten employees to thousands, and a U.S. Army veteran. He led a project involving 150 people and, though hired two weeks late, through inspiring by example and by providing detailed analysis to his direct reports, he and his team finished two months ahead of schedule and $250,000 under budget.

Jim enjoys developing strategy for companies and working with manufacturers and other organizations looking to recruit and employ suitable and qualified employees. He believes that suitability for a position as measured by ”soft skill” factors such as interpersonal communication abilities, work environment preferences, resilience, originality, and an appreciation for diversity are often as important as the technical skills required by the job. Choosing the best people (whether they are applicants or present employees) whose nature is rewarded by the job itself results in better customer satisfaction, a higher level of employee engagement, and lower employee turnover, all of which impact the bottom line.

Specialties: Business Development, Human Resources Effectiveness and Efficiency, Strategy Analysis and Development, and Team Building. Mr. Hoitenga holds an MBA degree from Michigan State University.

Jim can be reached at 877.333.2890 ext 229 or in

Michigan at 616.773.9517

support team