Adventis Human Resources Management

Adventis HR: What we do
Your organization has unique objectives, challenges, needs and culture. AdventisHR works with your business to provide customized human resources solutions that are practical, affordable, sustainable and value-added.
People Strategy Consulting
Organizations that actively plan and execute a people strategy will outperform those that do not. We help you design and implement a strategy for all areas related to your people – one that supports and furthers your organizational goals. Your strategy will engage and support your people across all elements of high-performing organizations (strategy, culture, structure, people and work) enabling you to select the course that best propels your business.
Organizational Performance Consulting
We help organizations drive improved business results by increasing their organizational performance. We look at organizational structure, strategic alignment, leadership, employee engagement, culture, collaboration, and community, to help you get your people energized, optimized and all working together to achieve your strategic goals.
Talent Management Consulting
We help you in creating a roadmap to drive business performance and improve employee productivity through all parts of the employee lifecycle. From employment branding and career planning through knowledge retention preparation, we’ll help you identify talent programs and process improvements to optimize your people, grow a high-performance organization and increase your knowledge of talent management best practices and succession planning.
Examples of our detailed services include:
• Recruitment/Talent Acquisition (implementing a full, end-to-end recruitment strategy)
• Performance Management (creating and implementing performance management and assessment processes)
• Policy and Communication Development
• Employee Engagement
• Organizational Development & Effectiveness
• Employee & Labour Relations Strategies
• Union Avoidance Strategy
• Succession Planning & Talent Retention Strategies
• Human Resources Strategy and Audit
• Investigation and Complaint Resolution
With AdventisHR, you can expect commitment, professionalism and results on assignments of any magnitude. With a client base of some of the most respected organizations in the country, we provide customized, value-based talent management solutions.
We have specialized experience in various industries; including, but not limited to: nuclear, software development, information technology, power, utilities, medical, banking, engineering, transportation, supply chain, food and manufacturing.
Whether you need on-site support for major turnaround and performance improvement initiatives, or simply best practice expertise, we translate your challenge into a practical and sustainable solution.
We start out by asking questions and listening. As your thought-partner, we work with you in creating a shared vision of the future. Only when we fully understand your needs, values and challenges, do we make recommendations for results-oriented solutions that are practical and suitable for your unique organization.
We have a deep understanding of the issues and challenges faced at operational levels when seeking to utilize human resources more effectively. We also have experience in developing and implementing a wide range of tactical and strategic management interventions, aimed at aligning the workforce with the needs of the organization.
Regardless of project size, we apply our proven Consulting Model to determine and deliver the best services to achieve your goals while keeping your organization running efficiently and effectively.
In summary, we help organizations achieve a higher return on their investments in leadership, employee engagement and changes to organizational structure, policy initiatives, business process and people practices. Using facilitated planning and decision making sessions, we leverage the strengths and talents of all parties to foster creativity, overcome barriers and achieve results with flexible, convenient and affordable HR solutions.