Why Pay Hefty Charges On Recruitments

Attn: Companies – Why Pay Hefty Charges On Recruitments When You Can Let “The Adventis Express Technology” Work For You – For a Lot Less?

Most of the companies across the world are facing one acute problem in their entire recruitment process and that is – In spite of spending a very high amount on the talent hunt, they are unable to get the perfect candidate.

And hence, we formed a premier staffing company – The Adventis Personnel Inc.!

Today, due to Internet & technological advancement, many, so-called recruitment companies can be seen at one click. But we absolutely stand out in the crowd because of our professional approach towards our clients. We offer the best talent search & recruitment solutions by profoundly understanding our client’s requirements. Our highly qualified recruitment team will take care of all the recruitment solutions concerning short-term, long-term or project based talent hunt and that too within the stipulated timeframe.

We are absolutely experienced in finding the perfect candidate with our latest feature called “The Adventis Express”, wherein, your staff can work on our highly advanced technology!

We are renowned in the entire market for providing the perfect staffing solutions as per our clients working culture and within their budgeted expenses.

We can proudly confirm that most of our clients found our Assessment System to be over 90% accurate!

Why Is Adventis Considered To Be The Best In The Industry?

Not only do we take the responsibility to locate and evaluate the right candidate but also we examine and finalize the perfect candidate for the organization – as per their guidelines!

Our core conversion process is highly perfect which matches the web-traffic with your hiring requirements without encountering any flaws. This further reduces your search time. This mega Job Board Traffic is possible because of the latest Science Based Recruitment assessment software. Also, it acts as a perfect publicity vehicle for the corporate like you!

Irrespective of the company size Adventis is specialized in giving the perfect candidate to almost all the industries.

The latest feature ‘Adventis Express’ allows your eminent staff to take the direct control of our Technology! You get the best-screened candidates with only half of the time spent!

What Are The Advantages Of Hiring Adventis Services?

  • Resume sorting time management process is reduced by more than 80%.
  • Savings almost 70% of the time on interviewing the candidates.
  • Our records show that there is a reduction in recruitment turnover by almost 40-60%.
  • We induce 100% confidence in hiring a perfect candidate.

List Of The Special and Eminent Clients Of Adventis –

Adventis has been working with Fortune 500 companies since 2005 and some of the prestigious clients are Ford, Rolls Royce, Westinghouse, Coca Cola, LG, Campbells, and much more. You can see more of the list and their positive references here – http://www.adventis.ca/company-references/

Adventis, not only have the recruitment experience in the Nuclear Industry & Automotive Manufacturing but also in the fields of Energy, Healthcare, Retail, Aerospace and Security Clearance as well!