What Are Your Companies Toughest Challenges?


  • Every time you move performance of an employee from ‘average’ to ‘superior’ you have a dramatic and measurable financial impact that falls to the bottom line.


  • We show you who the ‘superior performers’ will be before you interview them.


  • Unless all your people are ‘superior’ performers, you are losing money unnecessarily.


What if you could have people apply and have each of them evaluated in minutes and then a report indicating which applicants you should open their resume and see and which ones not to.




























How much time would you save?  What if the reports actually gave you insight about the applicant that indicated how they would respond in the job, how they would interact with other employees?
























The most statistically valid predictor of a business unit’s performance is the level of engagement of its people. But ‘engagement’ doesn’t just happen. You have to start with employees who can be engaged in your environment… and the best way to meet those candidates is to screen them into your pipeline on the basis of the Four Critical Aspects of Job Fit – fit with the Manager, the Job, the People around them all day, and the Company.


Three Simple Approaches to Establish Patterns:


















Which approach works best for your Company?


  • PLUS – Predictive Validity Studies – Once our program is in place, who have you hired and how well have they performed, relative to our Adventis Profile Assessment Score?


How we have helped clients


Improved Applicant Traffic

Improved onboarding process

Reduced employee turnover

Find better candidates

Reduced the time it takes to hire

Increased productivity

Leadership development

Succession planning

People problems

Employee development

Increased sales

Gains in market share

Higher customer satisfaction


Client retention


Eased growing pains



Three Simple Approaches to Establish Patterns:


Position Analysis Survey – 625 data points to identify what success in the job looks like


Concurrent Study – What do your best people have in common that separates them from those not meeting expectations in the same job?  (Focus on Productivity Disparities)


Library – What we’ve learned it takes to succeed in hundreds of jobs


Which approach works best for your Company?



  • PLUS – Predictive Validity Studies – Once our program is in place, who have you hired and how well have they performed, relative to our Adventis Profile Assessment Score?


Predictive Human Analytics

For Your Company.



Advanced Hiring Process


See below.





We post jobs globally and create a funnel to drive traffic from everywhere to our control panel so that you receive assessments & resumes in priority order.



























IF THE JOB FIT’S NOT CORRECT… NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.  Stop wasting time looking at resumes first.

The direct cause-and-effect relationship between engagement and business outcomes has been thoroughly researched and documented. Every major global consulting firm has come to the same conclusion –

Screening first for fit, and then for credentials and experience, gives you an important competitive advantage in the war for talent… and


it helps you ensure you are spending your valuable time with the candidates who are likeliest to be engageable in your context.



APA has the ability to measure 25 distinct traits – aspects of personality, attitudes, and standards of performance.

In any given role, only a small subset of these traits – 8-12 at most – are highly predictive of success.

APA’s patented position analysis system collects information about


a position and converts is to a custom assessment, specific to that position.

The candidate answers only questions related to the traits that matter most to their success. They do need to invest a little time – 12-15 minutes, usually, answering a series of questions as part of the


online application process.



Every candidate who applies completes the custom assessment for the position…and they appear in your dashboard with a APA Job Fit Score beside their name.

The APA Job Fit Score is a numeric representation, from 0-100, of their likely fit in the role. The higher the APA Job Fit Score, the likelier the individual is to perform well and engage in the position.

Users report spending over 70% less time sorting through résumés and 60% less time in interviews. Why? APA takes all the candidates and ranks them for you, from highest APA Job Fit Score to lowest.


Simply start from the highest APA Job Fit Score, check the attached CV to make sure education and experience are appropriate, and set up a first interview.

No more sifting through dozens or even hundreds of résumés. No more meaningless keyword searches. APA tells you at a glance who to look at first and who ignore, regardless of how good their résumé may appear. You spend less time, with better people.


































APA generates a full set of reports on every candidate who applies, so you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Each report provides you with detailed insight into the candidate’s likely fit in the job, trait by trait. You’ll get a clear view into the parts of the job that are a great fit for them, the areas you will be required to coach them through… and the areas where they are most likely to struggle in spite of any support you provide.

The best part is that APA also generates an Interview Guide, unique to each individual in relation to the position. These Guides tell you (or the hiring manager) exactly what questions to ask each candidate,


so they get a clear sense of the real person behind the résumé. You’ll interview like you have x-ray vision.

APA’s Interview Guides allow you to get to what matters most in the interview, quickly.








It’s not at all unusual to have a strong candidate who would be a great fit for the company, apply for a position that is just not right for them. APA allows you to take any candidate and ‘project’ them into your full job library, at the click of a button. You’ll see at a glance if there are other positions in the organization that might be a better fit for them, and a better match for their skills and experience. No more ‘lost’ or wasted candidates. Improve the ROI on your recruitment spend.

Simply invite internal candidates to complete the APA assessment, and the system will identify the most promising development path for each, based on their likely fit in each of your key positions. Once you have insight into the roles that will fit best, the training requirements – the building blocks of skill, knowledge and experience – become much easier to define and plan.






APA allows you to specify the hiring process you want your candidates to follow. Want APA to…Collect the résumé? No problem.

Ask a set of qualifying questions? Use ours or define your own questions.

Conduct a first interview online? We offer a set of  job fit-based, open-ended interview questions to choose from, or you can edit the list as you like.





























Today, in many instances, more than 50% of candidates find their next opportunity – and apply for it – from a smartphone or tablet while they are on the run. If you don’t have a recruitment platform that makes it easy for people to find you, learn about your opportunities and introduce themselves with a minimum of hassle, you’re missing out on a valuable candidate stream.

APA pushes your openings out to job boards, aggregators and social media for you, and generates a link you can use in your advertising. Candidates simply click on the link, follow the steps you have defined in the application process, and complete the APA assessment. They are finished in minutes, and you have all the information you need to decide whether to pursue the application or not.



APA comes loaded with all the features you want. You can to add locations. You can add users. And you can add as many job positions as you want to your library.


One of the features users appreciate the most is the ability to communicate directly with their candidates from their dashboard. APA comes pre-loaded with more than a half-dozen email templates, which you can edit and add to as necessary. Communication and follow-up in an instant.

Candidate replies appear in both your email inbox and in APA, so nothing will be missed.

All notes, actions and attachments are kept as part of the candidate’s permanent record, so you have a full audit trail.  When you decide to hire a candidate, their full record can be exported directly into either a PDF, or imported directly into your payroll or HRIS.

































APA makes good business sense. We are true partners with a depth of experience and a real commitment to four dimensions of customer satisfaction which we know are critical to you… Here’s our position on each:

  1. Quality: You and your hiring managers will appreciate how easy it is to use the system, which is 100% configurable to your unique requirements. Managers will appreciate the better candidates; candidates will appreciate the better treatment.
  2. Implementation: Quick, easy, and completely supported. We will even integrate with your existing systems so there’s no muss, no fuss.
  3. Support: We never go away. We provide full consulting, training and support for life, not just when you’re ramping up. As your pool of data grows, we meet periodically to help you tighten up your process.
  4. Partnership: With clients and case studies in just about any vertical you can imagine, we understand your talent management challenges. We are always innovating, incorporating new ideas… and we are uniquely positioned to share next That way everyone wins.







For you:

·    Gives you access to those candidates who are most prized – passive candidates who are not actively looking for a new job, but who may also not be totally engaged currently.

·    Saves you time by helping you prioritize candidates based on factors that are highly predictive of retention and performance. You spend your time only with those candidates who are most deserving of it.

·    Dramatically reduces the administrative time and overhead associated with recruitment.

·    At-a-glance management of the hiring funnel and easy retrieval of candidate information, including full audit trail and communication history.

·    Simple tools to create talent ‘pools’ of pre-qualified candidates, and the tools keep them warm.

·    Manages risk because all candidates are assured an identical first interview.

·    Provides a single, consistent and fully documented path for your entire candidate flow.

·    Eliminates the requirement for paper files and expensive records retention.

·    Can be used seamlessly across multiple locations, regions, countries and languages.

·    Users in different regions can configure their dashboards and settings on the fly to meet their requirements; the system will re-apply preferences with each log-in

·    Externally-hosted Software as a Service (SaaS), so there’s no load on your existing servers or IT staff. Integrates seamlessly with your existing payroll, HRIS, ERP and other systems.

·    Makes communication with candidates simple and quick, with templated emails and regular outbound communication to those you want to ‘keep warm’. All candidates feel respected and honored in the process.


BENEFITS of Adventis Profile Assessment (APA)…

For your company:

·    Reduces spend on recruitment advertising, allowing you to divert dollars to those sources that are most productive and yield the best quality.

·    Can be used to host a myriad of ‘specialized’ functions, such as campus recruitment, virtual job fairs and events… getting you to the front of the line for the best talent, at virtually no cost.

·    Allows you to be always on the lookout for great talent and engaging them in conversation, independent of whether or not there is a current opening.

·    Speeds the requisitioning and hiring process by allowing remote approvals, and the pooling of vetted talent in ‘ready’ pools for easy activation when an opening is established.

·    Automatic tracking of where the best quality candidates come from, allowing you to better target and manage your attraction budget.

·    Provides candidates with a state of the art online experience that allows them the opportunity to engage fully and complete a full first interview for any position they wish.

·    Full reporting (standard, ad-hoc and custom) on candidate quality, quality of hire, ROI on attraction strategies, and other metrics that are directly aligned with the company’s core business strategies and clearly present HR’s EVA.

·    Because it is web-based, managers and others who require access to the system can log in from any smart-phone or web-enabled computer in the world, to meet candidates.

·    This system puts powerful and easy to use tools in the hands of every hiring manager, right up to customized interview guides that are specific to the candidate and their fit with the job, manager and team. The tools give them the right information to make better decisions.










“I was tired of wasting my time meeting bad candidates who looked great on paper.



 If I could have stopped wasting those ten or more hours/week, I’d have actually enjoyed my job”







Job Fit is the key to your success, regardless your industry or the size of your Company.

The case for a Job Fit approach to filling roles has been proven in organizations large and small, in a wide variety of industries, and in cultures as diverse as North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Wherever you go and whatever you do, fit does matter.


Whether your enterprise has twenty employees or 20,000, we have a solution to meet your needs.


Call us, visit our website, or drop us a note. It very easy to get started.



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