Questions from Global Companies?

1.       How much more efficient is Adventis is in regards to time to hire, resume screening compared to industry standards?
80% less time sorting through resumes

2.       What type of data points are part of your assessment?
Behavioural Traits (250 data points), Cognitive Critical Thinking and Reasoning. (15 data points)
3.       On average, how many applicants per job?
Depends on the job and location etc.

4.       What is the distribution of the assessment score for those applicants?
a.       Ie how many people score above a 90?
Distribution is based on the quality of the candidate base. Scores are NOT bell-curved. Distribution of scores in more of a reflection of recruitment source and seasonal timing.

5.       What percentage of applicants do you bring in for interviews?
You decide that based on your review of the assessments and resumes.

a.       Do you keep track of this information?
More a number of how many do we need to interview till we have what we need. Stop interviewing when we find what we need.

6.       Do you keep track of whether or not someone gets hired into the role?
a.       If yes, what is your average time to fill?
We track who is hired and who is rejected.
Time to fill can be tracked. Average varies by company

7.       What type of improvements have other companies made by using your Adventis software?
80% less time sorting through resumes
70% less time interviewing
50% less turnover
got lots of case studies on this one.

8.       Can the surveys be customized based on a hiring manager’s needs?
Yes. You can customize the checklist questions and prescreen questions. You can even select which behavioural traits you want to measure. (Our expertise though is telling you which ones you should measure for each position)


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