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Over the last few years has your company shifted away from using recruitment and staffing companies to save your company money? Unfortunately it also increased your workload exponentially and increased your need for more internal recruiters.  What are the impacts on your productivity and opportunity costs?


Regrettably your positive results have decreased. Wouldn’t you like to post your jobs on one site and get increased traffic, without an increased workload?

What if every applicant not only sends in their resume, but quickly completes a online assessment that is specific to the job you posted?


Adventis Solutions help you make faster, accurate and more predictable talent decisions by effectively and scientifically matching candidate strengths with the job requirements. We identify the best job applicants, for you the ones most likely to be top and long term performers before you even open a resume.


Adventis Solutions are quick and easy to use. Your HR Manager posts the jobs and the candidate applies for the job, submits a resume and completes an online questionnaire. Adventis Solutions seamlessly analyzes the results to identify strengths in the three most important job success areas: learning style (cognitive preferences), work style and work culture fit. By short-listing rather than plodding through resumes, you spend your valuable time on the most qualified candidates.


Your own Adventis dashboard, provides the HR Managers with information that’s three times more accurate than a resume or an interview by themselves, so the results provide the Hiring Managers with important decision data.


To get started is easy to do. Just go to www.adventis.ca and click post a job then fill out the information on behalf of your company. Once completed you will have 3 options. 1 try the assessment for your self, 2 send it to someone else in your organization do the survey or 3 post a job.  If 3 simply put in the job title and type or paste in the job description.


From the dashboard you can click to add or fill in:


– Job Title- paste job description


-Job Formula- Engineer, Business, Reception, Legal, Transportation, Medical etc.


-People where you want results to go i.e. Recruiters, Managers unlimited


-Structure- Click on Senior role or Junior role-


-Click on-Years of Experience required – Full time

-Questions Use our templates or add 1 or more questions that you want


-Compensation- Put in salary range or hourly rate and or benefits


-Share- Have your job posting go viral or strictly confidential search


– Add additional screening like- Numeric Problem Solving, Logic, Deduction & Reasoning questions? At no extra charge.


Contact Paul today to get set up and or try out the latest in hiring technology.

877-333-2890 ext 227 or go to www.adventis.ca


To view a 1 minute video on how it works click here. HowItWorks


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