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3 Services for 1 Price

  • Resume Traffic
  • Unlimited Candidate Assessments
  • Applicant Tracking System

First we drive traffic from numerous postings and job boards to fill your funnel with Candidates.
Our jobs each have a link that not only requires the candidates resume but directs them to an online assessment.

Then we have all candidates do a online high-value, low cost competency-based assessment that takes 10-15 minutes on average on line.
Then we use world class proprietary software which enables us to qualify candidates or employees within minutes.
The Assessment compares an candidates’s/employee’s unique competency profile to the profile of the specific job for which they are being assessed, with hundreds of jobs for us to choose from; each job has its own unique job competency profile.

Now with the Assessment, you can surgically target a handful of specific, high potential candidates on demand, instead of wasting hundreds of hours reviewing resumes or launching Boolean word searches through thousands of resumes that are a waste of time unless properly assessed.
Hire Better and Faster for Less.
Our Assessment system is fast and accurate
Employment Equity Opportunity Compliant
Better results for less than you are now paying

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