Workforce planning plays an important role in human resources management: it ties directly to your organization’s strategic plan. It’s especially important because recruitment can take several months to complete. Planning ahead will therefore help you ensure that you have adequate labour resources.

In this section, you will find:

  • information and tools to help you assess your labour challenges
  • information on accessing domestic and international labour pools

Employer Roadmap

The Employer Roadmap at is a step-by-step interactive guide on developing a strategy for hiring, retaining and promoting skilled immigrants. It also includes tips and resources for interviewing, integrating and getting the most from these employees.

The interactive Employer Roadmap requires Adobe Flash Player. You can also:

Developing your workforce plan

Find resources to help you plan for your current and future workforce needs.

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Alberta’s labour market
Learn about advertising your job vacancies and accessing the province’s labour pool.
Explore Alberta’s labour market » Canada’s labour market

Get information and resources to harness Canada’s labour pools.

Learn about Canada’s labour market »International labour markets


Explore hiring opportunities available to Alberta employers.

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Workforce opportunities

Every year, people from across the country and all over the world choose Alberta, Canada, as a great place to work and live for its high standard of living, diverse and welcoming communities, beautiful landscapes and much more.

The official Alberta, Canada, workforce opportunities website will help you learn more about the province, research its employment opportunities and find out why it’s a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Alberta, Canada – Opportunity lives here

There are many useful places where you can find information to help start your search for a job in Alberta. Immigrant-serving organizations offer free services to help newcomers adjust to life in Alberta. They can help you in many ways, including in your search for a job.

Immigrant-serving organizations can give you free advice and can help you look for a job in Alberta.

You can find addresses and contact information for immigrant-serving organizations through the Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies (AAISA) or by calling Service Alberta’s

Consumer Contact Centre: Edmonton and area – 780-427-4088
Other areas within Alberta (toll free) – 1-877-427-4088 Email:

Additional information can be found at Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website, in the Alberta section.

Services to help you settle in Alberta

use the map to find out where you can get in-person information about settlement services.


working in Alberta.

Learn about regulated professions in Alberta and find information to help you work in these jobs.



Every province and territory has its own laws about housing, including renting an apartment or a house or buying a house. One condition that is the same across the country is that it is against the law to refuse to rent or sell to you because of your race, creed, religion, colour, family status, or sexual orientation.

► What are some of the advantages of renting a home?

Many newcomers to Alberta start off renting a house or apartment. Renting a home should provide you with a safe place where you can begin your new life in Alberta. If you want to buy a home, renting can also give you the time to look for a place to buy without feeling pressured into making a quick decision.

Welcome to Alberta:

► Where can I find homes for rent?

If you come across a problem related to a demand for a rent deposit that does not respect the housing laws where you live, contact Service Alberta’s Consumer Contact Centre:

Edmonton and area: 780-427-4088
Other areas within Alberta call toll free: 1-877-427-4088 Email:

Toronto, ON, Canada (Source), March 16, 2016 – Adventis Recruiting, Assessment and Staffing Agency, the prestigious Oakville, Ontario based Human Resources & Employment Agency, announced it is excited about the opening of its strategic office in Kansas City. Adventis Recruiting, Assessment and Staffing Agency, has been providing exemplary recruitment and assessment services for the last 15 years across all industries including Atomic Energy, Bruce Power, Rolls Royce, and Promation in the Nuclear Industry, to Magna and Martinrea in the automotive industry, and to Coca Cola, LG, Campbell’s Soup and Sifto Canada. Adventis recently launched a human factors division, with three of the top experts with decades of aggregate experience in nuclear, oil & gas, and banking industry projects, and the newly formed human factors division is already engaged on projects for Worley Parsons and OPG.

Adventis Recruiting Assessment Staffing Agency is pleased to welcome Mike Everly, BA, AInstIB who has joined our Team as our Director of Business Development working from Kansas City with responsibilities that include assisting with the development of the United States marketplace. At Adventis Recruiting, Assessment Staffing Agency our solutions model  provides a suite of accurate, reliable, quick-to-administer, cloud-based tools for organizations engaged in talent acquisition and for providing contingency or retained recruiting services. Adventis’s traditional recruitment services include a best in class suite of job-specific, competency-based applicant screening tools, capable of creating a short list of highly suitable, high quality candidates within minutes.

Adventis, due to international growth and expansion welcomes the support of Mike Everly with his history of providing value to large corporations and his enthusiasm to assist with the delivery of executive search, assessment and recruiting assignments. Adventis intelligent solutions have been externally validated to be more accurate and reliable than competitors’ assessments at predicting how successful a specific candidate will be at performing job-specific tasks on a consistent, day-to-day basis.

“I am pleased to announce to all my previous connections my appointment with Adventis Recruiting, Assessment and Staffing Agency” said Mike Everly, newly appointed Director. “I pledge my full support to educate all my old Clients and new Clients about the Adventis competitive edge. I feel we will be able to help our Clients by hiring better and faster, by obtaining increased productivity with less turnover, resulting in huge savings for our Clients.”

“This expansion will enable our Clients to have real-time decision support for both external and internal hires, and for internal decisions, which will have immediate and ongoing benefit to their employees and shareholders. From a much larger perspective, this alliance will also enable our firm to create immediate, measurable, and objective candidate comparison benefits for our Clients like never before” said Mike Everly. “This expansion will ensure the efficiencies of the Adventis Intelligent Solutions will continue to be provided in a timely and extremely cost-effective manner and be a competitive advantage to our Clients.”

Adventis Recruiting, Assessment and Staffing Agency will also be able to make available to Clients their complete Applicant tracking/Recruiting/Assessment system which can typically be implemented within 15 minutes. End-user training has been condensed into a 19-minute video, and the system includes a complete inventory of competency-based job descriptions; it can be used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with any Applicant Tracking System. Adventis will enable large Clients to make significantly better hiring and promotion decisions faster, thereby reducing their initial recruiting costs, as well as costs directly related to employee turnover. Clients can typically expect to achieve a 100% Return On Investment within 6 months. In addition to being used for recruiting, Adventis Profile Assessment system can also be used as a real-time decision support tool for career pathing, early leadership identification, strategic succession planning and management, workforce reductions, and outplacement counselling.

“Adventis Recruiting, Assessment and Staffing Agency is recognized as a leader in providing recruitment, assessment, staffing, human resources, and payroll expertise across all industries for the last 15 years, from the small to medium sized entrepreneurial businesses, to The Fortune 500 global companies. We are thrilled to have Mike Everly working with us and look forward to his assistance in bringing immediate, measurable, scalable, and sustainable value to the organizations he has served in the past. We also have a broader suite of competency-based tools we will be phasing in over the next few months to assist organizations with other challenges such as Organizational Effectiveness and Work Force Optimization, HR Audits, Outplacement Services, Management and Appraisal processes, Policy and Communication Development for our Clients including Brand Enhancement, Employee Engagement, Employee & Labour Relations Strategy, Succession Planning & Talent Retention Strategies and access to online training– these are very exciting times.” said Mr. Paul Schell, M. Ed., Vice President of Adventis Recruiting Assessment and Staffing Agency.

Organizations interested in learning more about how Adventis Recruiting, Assessment and Staffing Agency can provide real-time decision support for selecting, hiring, promoting and developing leaders can contact Paul.


Paul Schell, M. Ed., Vice President,
Adventis Recruiting, Assessment and Staffing Agency,
Suite 309, 200 North Service Road West,
Oakville, Ontario, Canada L6M 2Y1
Toll Free 877-333-2890 ext 227