Adventis Solutions uses world class proprietary software which enables us to qualify applicants or employees within minutes. We have the capability to drive traffic from all over the world to our job postings  and then we have applicants/employees do a online high-value, low cost competency-based assessment on line in usually 10-12 minutes. The Assessment  compares an applicant’s/employee’s unique profile to a specific job for which they are evaluated by our assessment process.  Each job has its own unique job competency profile. Now using the Assessment, we can surgically target a handful of specific, high potential applicants on demand, instead of wasting hundreds of hours reviewing resumes or launching Boolean word searches through thousands of resumes that are a waste of time unless properly assessed.

Whether you are a small to medium size business or a Fortune 100 business or large organization constantly struggling with being able to figure out how to hire quality, the best applicant for the specific position you need to fill fast. Why let the deluge of resumes restrain your ability to make better hiring decisions faster. Research has proven that more than 45% of all resumes contain false data and misrepresentation. Why sift through all those resumes using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to search through false data? It only provides you with bad information faster. Employees typically tend to be hired for 3 reasons and terminated for up to 10 different reasons. The Adventis Solution‘s approach is to use the science of behavioural psychology to be able to assess and compare applicants and employees against the reasons why they could be terminated in a specific job, thereby being able to accurately predict their success. After having analyzed hundreds of jobs we know exactly what to look for in job applicants and employees. Clients typical report that the assessment process is more than 90% accuracy which allows us to provide you with a 1 year replacement guarantee on retained searches or money back. Call us before you start your search to discuss how we can put a pilot project in place for you today and set up a score card to prove the difference.  Our Candidates stay longer and are more productive.

Our job repository contains two categories.

  1. Job Families
  2. Jobs

If you determine a job you are searching for is not included in our job repository of hundreds of jobs and would like to have us screen and rank order applicants for that job, all you have to do is contact us at and send us a detailed job description and some technical requirements for the job. For this customization additional charges may apply.

Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency provides you with solutions that are industry changing in the recruiting, HR and strategic workforce optimization arena including the latest in recruitment process outsourcing or (RPO).

Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency can offer a world class job board in all languages, recruitment andstaffing expertise and a profile assessment tool that is a competency based solution, delivered online with reports on each candidate or employee. Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency and our strategic partners have invested the equivalent of hundreds of years in research, psychological assessment, statistical analysis, employment & privacy law, IT and software design in developing and testing all to be able to provide the very best to our clients in a cost effective, fast and reliable service.

Early Leadership Identification with Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency

Leadership can mean many things to many people. At Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency, leadership competence is something that an individual can be born with AND it can also be something that can be learned and developed over time.

Leadership is an evolving and dynamic aspect of personal and professional growth and when born qualities meet learning opportunities, individuals can fast-track their leadership competency. When this happens it energizes the employee; at which time both the employee and their organization obtain significant benefit. The  Assessment  that Adventis uses can be used to identify employees that are pre-disposed to managerial and leadership responsibilities.

Our strategic partner has developed world class proprietary software designed to be used much like a Swiss Army pocket knife, to identify employees that are good candidates for management and leadership roles. When the Assessment – Organizational Effectiveness capability is used, Employees can be compared any one of hundreds of jobs within the  Job Inventory. The comparison is divided into two categories; Job Families and the specific Jobs within each Job Family of the assessment process.

Sometimes an organization is faced with the unpleasant but necessary task of a Reduction In Force (RIF). One approach commonly taken is for a targeted population within the organization to be identified and for employees within that targeted audience to engage in a competition for their own job. It is often political, inaccurate and just not right.

Managers and HR are rarely able to respond quickly in a way that is valid, reliable, legally defensible or cost effective and as result it is not uncommon for the organization to incur compounded exposure, risk, liability and financial loss as a result. Adventis uses an assessment our strategic partner has developed which is a world class proprietary software we we use exclusively.

is Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency’s answer to providing Managers and HR with timely and cost-effective decision support for RIF, with business continuity as the focus.

Within 15 minutes of engagement with Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency, HR can quickly and easily start assessing employees against an optimized job competency profile, specific to the employee’s current job; the system will then automatically rank order all employees in that job from high to low; HR and Managers now have a scientific decision support mechanism. Adventis uses an assessment that accurately measures an employee’s capacity to perform a specific behaviour in a given role/job, on a consistent, day-to-day basis; allowing your organization to have an element of reliable predictability regarding individual and workforce performance in the context of business continuity. Employees scoring at the upper end of the continuum are quickly identified as employees to retain while those scoring at the lower end become RIF candidates.

In the unpleasant times of RIF, your organization will be under siege; Tweeted, Facebooked, blogged and under continuous fire. Why not mitigate bad press and media, the potential for individual and group wrongful dismissal litigation and proactively disarm that social media windstorm by leading with the assessment Adventis uses and communicate how it will be used in advance to assist employees? Some HR professionals have estimated the assessment has mitigated litigation costs for wrongful dismissal by up to 70%.

Organizations understand it is far more cost effective to redeploy an existing employee than to recruit and staff from outside. Often this approach significantly reduces time and costs associated with:

  • Recruiting
  • Training & Development
  • Organizational Culture Fit
  • Time to Competence & Productivity
  •  Strategic Workforce Optimization
  • Customer Satisfaction and Retention
  •  Profitability

Competency-based Career Mapping enables an organization to redeploy resources in a way that best aligns individual employees, and consequently the workforce, to the organizations strategic imperatives. Employees are more productive and loyal when they see their organization values their personal career goals and can intentionally find meaningful career pathing options that satisfy both the employee and the organization.

Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency makes dynamic career pathing and management available through  our strategic alliance partner who has developed world class proprietary software we use.

We have literally hundreds of jobs in the Job Inventory which are classified according to Job Families and jobs within those families it is an easy exercise to configure a custom career pathing model for any organization – for both within and between job families in the same day.

Whether your organizational focus is enabling career mapping decision support for new employees, mid-career, generational, by function, by location, by product or service or simply all employees, Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency’s career pathing capability will open up new possibilities AND produce savings. Experience a pilot project and see the results for yourself.

Why outplace your top talent? That is just silly.  By using our strategic partner’s world class proprietary software we can help you focus on who should go and who should stay.  Want to try and do it on your own?  Contact us today to discuss running a pilot so we can show you written objective reports that are from the results of the online assessment taken. Let your own employees tell you in real time. Clients report the assessment is over 97% accurate.  The true cost of keeping bad employees is off the charts.  Some companies report it is costing $3,400 for each $10,000 worth of salary. For a $100,000 a year salary amounts to $34,000 a year. Get the facts today. Companies can  contact Paul at for Intelligent Staffing Solutions.  CHANGE 97 TO 90%+

The aim of Strategic Succession Management should be to develop next generation leadership talent by creating a process through which the organization is intentional about its efforts and timelines. The emphasis is on building a broad spectrum of capability in the management ranks so that the availability of internal talent will not be a limiting factor to the organization’s strategic direction. At Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency, succession planning and management is considered to be a strategic imperative; one that is most effective and efficient when an organization understands the Value Chain between them and their customers/clients. In short, before you can identify the people that you need to include in a succession planning exercise, you first have to identify roles that are critical to your success.

Some organizations are surprised to find that the real value chain, that direct line of sight between business and customers, may be somewhat different than they originally thought. Succession Planning and Management usually includes a subset of leadership and management and due to its highly sensitive nature, the administration of succession planning and management systems is seen and used by a select few.

Frankly stated, succession is one of the few business challenges that every company in the world is bound to face. Unfortunately, it’s also a process that is usually neglected until the last minute resulting in astronomical failure rates and political behavior. To cope with the difficulties, expectations and emotions of what can be a touchy subject, businesses must proactively plan for succession. Within the ranks of the existing senior leadership team, it is important to openly discuss the details of the process and utilize tools which simplify the situation like our assessment we use that our strategic partner has developed.

Recruitment and succession planning go hand-in-hand and should be undertaken with an integrated approach to ensure an organization is effectively improving its bench strength by developing internal talent balanced by bringing in new talent. Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency suggests you consider an integrated approach, three main issues come to light: i) the ratio of internal to external recruitment, ii) job posting versus management promotion, and iii) determining the optimal sources of external talent.

Adventis Recruitment Assessment Staffing Agency can deliver real-time decision support for succession planning. Secure and confidential access to the data ensures the integrity of strategic succession planning and management work remains highly confidential. We suggest being proactive in succession planning & management to avoid the unnecessary pitfalls, exposure, risk and liability that often accompanies poor planning with a remarkable profile assessment process developed by our strategic partner.