Waste Management

Personnel for environmental issues in the Nuclear industry.

David McCallum has connected with Adventis Nuclear Staffing to provide his extensive experience in environmental management systems, environmental impact assessment, sustainable development, stakeholder participation and community liaison, mediation and negotiation, project management, institutional strengthening, international development projects, and environmental auditing.


  • Management and execution of a wide range of environmental projects.
  • Experienced in the public and private sectors in positions involving resource management, waste management, regional planning and impact assessment.
  • Worked with clients in the nuclear industry, providing environmental training, and management system assessment and improvement.
  • Internationally, clients in the nuclear industry have included the US Department of Energy’s Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratories, and Atomic Energy Canada Limited (AECL).
  • Currently focused on developing and strengthening the ability of organizations to respond positively and proactively to environmental issues.
  • Internationally respected Environmental Management System consultant and trainer who, among other EMS work, prepared the Executive’s Guide to ISO14000 for the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency and provided training offered by the National Section of the Air & Waste Management Association.
  • Authored technical papers on impact assessment and environmental management topics that have been published by academic institutions, government agencies and refereed journals.